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The Salesforce Center of Excellence Playbook for Mid-Market Companies


Even a trusty, brand new Toyota Camry needs regular oil changes, tire rotations, and inspections. In the same way, your Salesforce COE ensures that routine maintenance happens in a timely manner. Establishing a Center of Excellence will ensure you maximize your ROI and can consistently deliver Salesforce capabilities over time.

Whether you’re about to begin your own Salesforce journey or you already have an org in place, this playbook will outline why you need to consider setting up a COE and how to design one that meets your needs at your scale and sets you up for future growth.

What You'll Learn:
  • The 6 components of a COE for a mid-market company
  • How to maximize your return on investment with Salesforce
  • How to keep your Salesforce org running smoothly for years
  • How to get the most out of the core capabilities of your platform

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